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Jobsheet Reports

In this section, there are several reporting features for Jobsheets.


Jobsheet Reports

There are 4 types of jobsheet reports.

  1. Jobsheet Report – Generic
  2. Monthly Retainer Tracking Report
  3. Date Range Report
  4. Products in Jobsheet Report



(Image : Report List)


The first report “Jobsheet report” is an extremely flexible and open reporting facility that allows user to search and filter jobsheets by any data field. User can also determine what information to display on the report and what totals to calculate.

The other 3 jobsheet reports are more specific and have a particular function or role. The reports can either;

  • pull out a list of jobsheets within a period of time (specified by date range),
  • Summarize the progress of retainers by client (committed hours)
  • or pull out a list of products used in jobsheets within a period of time.


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