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Create Invoice from Jobsheet Report

Invoicing can be executed once the user generates a jobsheet report, by selecting the relevant search fields (e.g. Date range, Tag, Employee, Client, etc).

The only mandatory fields that need to be entered to generate a report are the dates, all the remaining criteria are optional.


(Image  : Jobsheet Report – Client – Select jobsheets)


On the result page of the report, the user can then select the jobsheets individually by using the select feature on the left hand side of list; or collectively by clicking on the “Select All” button on top of the list.


Please Note:

** If the user did not select a client in the search criteria, the report will display a list of clients that have respective jobsheets for that search. The user can then drill into each client and process invoicing per client.


Once the user has selected the jobsheets to invoice, they must then click on  the “Process Invoicing” button on the top part of the page to submit the process.


(Image  : Jobsheet Report – Client – Selected jobsheets – Process Invoice Button)


Timestead will create an output XLS file, depending on the accounting platform selected in the business details, that can be found in the windows default download folder.

This output can then be imported into the accounting platform.


(Image : View of Invoice Output download doc in download bar)


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