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Maximise Your Time With These 3 Awesome Tips For Business Owners

Maximise Your Time With These 3 Awesome Tips For Business Owners Time is an undeniable factor that can help or hinder your productivity at work. Having too little time can cause you and your employees to get flustered, panicked and unproductive while allowing your employees with ample time on their hands could have them wondering idly and most definitely waste away valuable productivity time for your company. Although there [...]

Outdoor vs Indoor Jobs

Outdoor vs Indoor Jobs Job satisfaction isn't just measured by salary, but by how much you enjoy your job. If you prefer a more controlled work environment, perhaps outdoor work isn't for you. Both types of jobs have their positives and negatives, and sometimes it boils down to personal preference rather than financial remuneration. Popular outdoor jobs One of the most prominent types of outdoor jobs is related to [...]

10 Reasons to Go Paperless

10 Reasons to Go Paperless How many filing cabinets do you have to keep buying to keep your records organised? Are papers needing review piling up, or are you missing any documents? Keeping records on paper may be a necessary evil in people’s minds, however, today, there is such a lot of great software to help you go paperless smoothly, and the unique benefits of shifting on to digital are [...]

Finding it Hard to Focus at Work? Here is How to Avoid Distractions

Finding it Hard to Focus at Work? Here is How to Avoid Distractions The world is full of annoying distractions, and sometimes it takes an extraordinary amount of will power and inner strength to keep your focus. Sheer determination is an essential tool with which you can harness your ability to get the work done quickly. Distractions divert your attention and create an obstacle in the way of your success. [...]

10 Tips for a Great Job Interview

10 Tips for a Great Job Interview Once you have successfully mastered the fine art of writing a cover letter and CV, you will begin receiving requests for interviews. To reach your goal of landing that position, you will need to succeed in the job interview itself, taking you one step closer to your ultimate goal. Preparation is the key. The more time in advance you spend getting ready, the [...]

What is Employer Branding and Why is it Important?

What is Employer Branding and Why is it Important? Employer Branding is what attracts the best talent on the market with almost 75% of job seekers looking out for employers that actively manage their brand. An unclear or sparse employer brand does more harm than good. So with all the hype surrounding employer branding, what exactly is it? Equally relevant, why is it important? By breaking down the fundamental components [...]

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