8 Optimising Tasks for Good Business Health

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Keeping your business in good health requires maintenance – but more often than not business owners, managers and even employees get inundated with a backlog of their admin duties. This takes away precious time from your day-to-day tasks and often leaves you working longer hours to meet your deadlines.

What if we told you we had the solution you need to make your work day as productive and efficient as possible – while making sure you’ve archived every form and answered every email?

Here is our Optimised Task List guaranteeing you’ll keep all management, staff and your business in good health:

Task 1: Tidy up that Inbox

We all know the feeling of an overpopulated inbox, where emails from months gone seem to haunt you each and every day! You and your inbox could have two possible relationships; you’re either a slave to your emails, answering each one as they come in or, you adopt a more relaxed approach, often missing your emails or forgetting to reply.

Why not set aside 1hr a day, maybe even split in 2 or 3 sessions where you check your inbox, file things accordingly and reply, forward and CC all those needed to get a task done! You might even find yourself deleting tonnes of emails at the end of the week, be sure to unsubscribe from any email marketing campaigns that you’re no longer interested in – they’ll keep coming back otherwise!

Task 2: Touch base with past clients

It’s always nice to touch base with your clients every quarter, but what about the past clients?

Reminding your past clients, project managers or even potential clients of your services could lead you to increased revenue. When a client stops using your services, unless there was a clash in mission or a dissatisfactory issue on either side, reconnecting with clients gone could start up a new business relationship and help the company in the process.

Task 3: Keep your portfolio updated

There’s nothing worse than going to a company’s product page, no matter their industry, to find out that most things are out of stock or no longer available. Keep your products page on your online shop or website updated.

This should be done monthly to ensure that all your clients have a better user-experience when contacting you for their products or services.

Task 4: Update your marketing materials

Have you been sporting the same Facebook banner for the last 5 months? Well things have surely changed since then (and if not, you might want to up your marketing strategies) so why not update your marketing material too?

Keeping your socials, emailers, website banners and other marketing means up-to-date could help to peak interest in your business and drive home more sales. This could do wonders for your ROI if you give your niche market something new to faun over every month or so.

Task 5: Make sure your website is updated

Much like your products or services page, your socials and your other marketing deliverables, your website is the end-point for every client, regardless if they refer to your site or not. Why? Because this is where Google’s bots step in.

Give the Google team something to get excited about by regularly updating your blog or news section with weekly, bimonthly or monthly SEO-rich content. Make sure your banners, sliders and logos all match up with your current branding and always be sure to roll with the times, this is what will make you stand out from your competitors.

Task 6: Work out your budget

Budgets change, employee salaries change, sales change – so how can you avoid updating this? A full-budget analysis is best done at the end of each quarter; you know when your VAT Return and Taxes are due. Turn these morbid monetary exchanges into an opportunity to get creative with your money allocations.

If you’re a little low that month, use some of your employees’ working hours to draw up new business opportunities. Give them a creative task to work on to promote your company and your services. Maybe all your market needs is a gentle reminder that you’re still there!

Task 7: Listen to your market

This can change on the daily, but keeping up with your market’s needs and requirements could take a lot of work and research. Why not allocate an hour slot a week to note any changes in the market and their dynamic changes and hold a monthly meeting to inform all your staff on the changes you’ve noted?

This could help reconnect all your team players and even strategize in a far more optimised manner.

Task 8: Review your KPIs

What are you actually working towards? What are your goals? Have they changed? Should you change them? So many KPI questions that every employee in your workforce should keep in mind.

There are great benefits to keeping your KPIs in check, some companies choose to evaluate every staff member’s performance and reward their efforts with set monetary milestones. This could encourage your staff to put their best foot forward and drive more cash into the company’s kitty.

Aim for quarterly KPI reviews for optimum performance. And do remember to keep your employees’ wellness as the priority of the company – when they’re happy your bottom line will be too.

Keeping all these above tasks in check means that you can focus on your daily efforts in the company, without that pending worry of all your other tasks breathing down your neck. Practicing good business health tactics will keep all your hive buzzing and working like uber efficient worker bees.

Get organised, stay on top of things and remember it’s OK to ask for help when you need it!


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