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Timestead Features

Your time is precious

Work effectively!

There is nothing more precious than time in life. We all know well that it is limited.
It is time to adopt a solution developed precisely for today’s times.

Timestead is an easy to use, time tracking and business intelligence software. Whether
it’s from your phone, laptop or tablet you can track all your work jobs, approve employee
hours and create beautiful reports with a simple, hassle-free solution.

Because it’s so light, Timestead works just fine even on poor networks, so you can update
client details, your service appointments, and your daily job sheets while on the go.

The Timestead dashboard shows you all the important data you need, and you’ll never need
to install anything, anywhere! Use Timestead in any browser, on any device, and you’re good to go.

Here’s a list of all the different ways Timestead can help you save time and be more productive.

Client Management

Timestead has its own client management system, so you can store all client details for quick reference later.

Time Tracking

Lots of people don’t use job sheets, and that’s fine! Using Timestead, track the time you and your team spend on jobs, and get productive!

Job/Timesheet Management

Job sheet management, simplified. Keep records of jobs done for clients, alongside hours worked and all the details, and easily email clients finished jobs.

Appointment Management

Use Timestead’s calendar to schedule your own work, and assign appointments to your team.


You and your employees have a welcome dashboard with all the important data you need to see there immediately when you log in.

Device Friendly

Smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop – it doesn’t make a difference! Go to Timestead in your browser and it just works.

Platform Independent

Windows, Apple, Android or Linux? Doesn’t matter, Timestead does the job effortlessly. You don’t need to install anything.


Timestead is blazing fast! It’s optimized to work superbly even on slower 3G connections so that you never have to wait, tablet in hand, while on the job.

Price Matrix

We’ve built in a pricing model that is flexible to cater for your service prices, time-based, day-based, and also per designation.


It needs to be safe, so we put it on lockdown. All your job sheets and info is stored securely on our servers, with hashed passwords, to ensure that your data is safe and sound.


Free support for all Timestead accounts, and it’s us that do the support, the people who built it, so we’ll understand what your question is.


Easily customise Timestead with your own timesheet or job sheet templates, with your own logo and all info.

Feature Packed

Timestead includes more than 10,
core features, and counting…



We are collecting your name and email details to be able to contact you with the provision of your Timestead instance and to provide further support with regards to our software solution.

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