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Designation Based Price Matrix

When creating a new Price Matrix the first thing that is asked of you is to specify the name.

Following that the user is asked to add charges. Charges allow the user to:

  1. Create charges by specifying a charge name.
  2. Switch on designation billing (If ticked all the designations created will show allowing you to add rates per designation.
  3. Create rates by time. (This allows the user to allocate specific rates depending on the time slots specified.
  4. Once charges are created, named and saved; rates can be allocated under specific days for the rate to apply under the specific time and daily conditions.

Eventually, the created Price Matrixes will have to be allocated to clients (in the Clients file – from the left menu / main menu)


What does the price matrix allow us to do?

A price matrix set this way can allow a user to set a rate per designation, during office hours and our of office hours as well as define rates for weekends and holidays.



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