Why Track Employee Time?

Many jobs entail employees working out of the office, not to mention staff working on an hourly basis. It is a foregone conclusion that employees’ time needs to tracked accurately and efficiently.


The most cost-effective and convenient way to track employees’ time is to use time tracking software. Communication is the key and critical as it can circumvent resistance to change. Time tracking software offers benefits to both employers and employees. Generally speaking, salaried employees tend to get remunerated better per hour than their hourly paid counterparts. This makes it more important to track their time. If an employee is taking two-hour lunch breaks while on a 40 hour week, that translates into hours of lost productivity and inefficiency.

A measure of Accountability for Salaried Employees

Time tracking software adds that little bit of extra accountability and dissuades employees from engaging in personal activities during work hours. If the employee is out and about, GPS will track the movements and hours worked and spent travelling. Another significant benefit is that employers can check who is putting more into the job and quality of their work. Furthermore, it allows employers to see who is overloaded with work and who isn’t, thereby delegating work and spreading it around the team. It may lead to decisions like hiring a lower-level position in order to relieve some less crucial tasks, or adding a new app that can automate processes or even outsourcing some of the tasks.

Better Insight leads to Better Allocation of Resources

Better insight into the operating of the business and the man-hours spent on each task will lead to the better allocation of the business resources and manpower. You will find out which clients are demanding the lion’s share of your employees time. Tracking in real time shows were employees are getting bogged down, delayed or overloaded, enabling employers to allocate more resources.

Start Being Flexible

If an employee has spent 4 days working over hours, he or she may deserve a day off in return. Time tracking software shows the proof is in the pudding for both employees and employers. Flexible work schedules allow employees more freedom to get jobs done in their own manner. Nevertheless, flexibility doesn’t have to mean disorganisation and unaccountability. An efficient time tracking software system will be able to accommodate requests for flexible work hours, perks and well-deserved time off. Salaried employees may initially be reluctant to use time tracking software and feel like ‘big brother is watching’. However, when they themselves realise the benefits it offers, they will eventually be won over. The increased flexibility, visibility and other clear benefits will overcome that initial hesitation.


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