Finding it Hard to Focus at Work? Here is How to Avoid Distractions

The world is full of annoying distractions, and sometimes it takes an extraordinary amount of will power and inner strength to keep your focus. Sheer determination is an essential tool with which you can harness your ability to get the work done quickly. Distractions divert your attention and create an obstacle in the way of your success. It is absolutely essential to avoid distractions if you want to stay focused and productive. It is not always easy to stay on track, however, remember it is about how you handle your focus, so being strict and saying no to distractions is essential.


1 – Focus Stay consciously focused

If you are someone who gets distracted at the drop of a hat, then you may have a severe problem. How can you gain 100% productivity and complete all your work in any given time frame? Take a deep breath, then make a choice to remain focused no matter what distractions there may be. You have to force yourself to complete the job at hand in time. Try not to multitask as it may sidetrack you from your goal. Take tiny steps at a time, complete one task, then move on to the next, and don’t let your mind to wander. Consciously keep away from things that may distract you.

2 – Consciously avoid distractions

Distractions are part and parcel of our, and you will be facing them continuously during every scenario daily. Do not sabotage your productivity, take measures to avoid distractions. It is vital to be totally aware of your surroundings, so can immediately identify when you are losing focus. The minute you start checking your phone, tablet or diary, you lose focus. This is not the time. Take a step backwards, and make a conscious decision to continue with your work. Be aware of everyday distractions and ignore them.

3 – Identify distractions

To avoid any distractions, you first need to identify the things which are creating them. Pinpoint the exact cause, so you will know whether they are internal or external factors. Is anxiety causing you to get distracted? Organise your work tasks and create a schedule to handle them. Are external causes the main reason for distractions? Is it a co-worker who is intrusive, or are you prone to reaching out for your mobile phone every few seconds? Identify the causes and make a clear plan so you can accomplish all your goals in the given timeframes.

4 – Never procrastinate

Some tasks are more complicated and time-consuming than others, and some people procrastinate so they won’t have to handle them and hand them in sooner. This is the wrong mindset and can become habit forming. You should avoid distractions then let go of the habit of procrastination. These delaying tactics will become ingrained and will prove a severe distraction in your life. It is crucial that you remain focused and disciplined so that you can convince yourself to complete the task all in one go without distractions. Remember you won’t get any work done if you are always distracted from start to end.

5 – Keep your desk organised

A cluttered work desk full of useless items is a recipe for disaster. A straightforward way to avoid distractions successfully is by cleaning up your workstation and making it orderly. Make your place of work comfortable and organised so that you will be able to handle work efficiently. Throw away unnecessary things in the trash to avoid distractions. Create a planner and place it right in front of you as a clear reminder to complete your work tasks within the timeframes. The minutes you spend planning will save lots of time during execution later, so plan ahead and save time. When things are placed within their proper place, it gives you a feeling of satisfaction, and you can work better, achieve your goal quicker, and avoid distractions.

organised desk

6 – Keep distractions at bay

You have identified the primary source of your distractions, but the work is still only half done. You won’t achieve full productivity until you remove the distractions from your surroundings. Physically remove them by placing your mobile phone some distance away from you so you cannot reach it easily. Switch off the notifications alerts that signal incoming calls and messages as they distract you from your work. Stay offline to remove the temptation of using social media platforms. Tune yourself in so you can concentrate on your work and avoid all distractions.

7 – Break down the distractions

When you are prone to distractions, it takes quite a bit of time and energy to regain your focus again. Make your tasks simpler by breaking them down into smaller parts. Try something similar to your work, and divide it into smaller projects and create a timeline to finish them all off. The task isn’t impossible, but completely attainable. That increases your concentration levels and will also help you to avoid any distractions.

8 – Have a break

When you start to get distracted and unable to regain your focus, then it may be time for a short break. Sometimes our mental facilities stop working, no matter how much we try to force them to do so. You should realise the importance of a few power breaks. Step back for ten minutes, go for a short walk, drink a couple of cups of coffee, smoke a cigarette, or simply sit back and relax. Don’t give in to temptation, and start checking your phone. Remember to set the alarm to remind you that it’s time for a short break. You can take stock, reconsider and refocus to achieve your target.

9 – Start your day bright and early

According to recent surveys, the best way to avoid getting distracted is to start your day an hour earlier in the morning. Use this time productively to organise your thoughts and create a plan to help you achieve your goals throughout the coming day. Add rewards, so whenever you complete a significant amount of work, you get a reward for it. Once you are organised in your mind, you will start looking towards the rewards, thereby acting as a booster to encourage you to work efficiently and more productively without distractions.

10 – Reward yourself

You get distracted as your mind starts wondering towards things that you find pleasurable. Work is a necessity, whereas distractions may be delightful. If you start starving yourself, you will feel hungrier. Try to create a balance that will be a perfect compromise. Praise yourself whenever you complete work and now think about the reward. Decide beforehand of goodie that you will indulge in after completing a set of work. Think of watching a new YouTube video for half an hour. That will soothe your inner beast and will prove an excellent incentive for completing further work. Create a plan so you will reward yourself with different prizes so you can work diligently without any form of distraction.


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