5 Benefits of Keeping a Clean and Tidy Workspace

Is a tidy workplace the sign of inactivity or productivity? Try spending half an hour searching for an important document or item, and you will experience panic and lose precious time. Had you filed that document correctly in the first place, you would avoid frustration and delay.

clean office

The value of an organised workplace is severely underestimated and should be given more prominence seeing as it contributes to productivity and involves time loss. A decent filing system is still vital, despite most documents saved on hard discs and in the cloud. Many businesses create a backup on hard copy, and it is still necessary to print such documents. The primary benefit is therefore improved productivity. It has to be the most critical factor that should always be prioritised. Being organised should be a state of mind.

Better Work Environment

Employers should actively encourage employees to create a culture of keeping their workspace clean and organised. A clear and clean work environment gives a good impression to visitors besides providing peace of mind to employees. This enables them to take pride in the efficient physical systems and boost confidence, simultaneously improving the overall work atmosphere. It has been proven that a disorganised workplace does not allow a clear focus on tasks, projects and set priorities effectively. Besides, it will eventually affect your psychological, emotional and professional well-being negatively.

Improved Efficiency & Use of Time

It’s clear that having everything exactly where it should be saves time which can be used more productively elsewhere. Finding your indispensable items immediately aligns your personal space with operational processes significantly improving efficiency. In a manufacturing business, tools, spare parts and operational necessities are stored close by for quick access during the production process, as close as possible to where they are actually used. For an accountant’s office, it is absolutely critical to keep its files organised, with current clients kept separate from past ones. If you are confident that you know where your items are, you improve efficiency and safe time.

Shared Work Space & Better Collaboration

With employees increasingly mobile, sharing a workstation, computer and desk are not uncommon. Having an organised desk is all the more critical if you are sharing it. Your colleagues may need to locate an important document or file from your desk. If you are organised and have everything neatly laid out, it will be much easier for him/her to find it. Even if you aren’t sharing your desk, you might need to direct a co-worker to the exact place on your workspace. You could designate specific areas on your desk for different types of papers, documents and tools. Once you create a workplace culture where everything is placed back in its place, there will be less chance of lost items leading to lost time and inefficiency. Simple things like labelling your bins, file folders and trays go a long way into having a system that works. Remove all the things you don’t need and free up space for more essential items.

Less Clutter, Less Stress

Clutter is your number one enemy. All those useless papers are taking up space in your drawers, trays and desk. Do away with them immediately. Get rid of stress. There is already enough. Knowing that you will never misplace documents or files will give you confidence and reduce stress. You need to know what to do with all those memos, reports, client files and documents. Make sure that if you do need to keep a paper copy, you don’t already have it, thereby creating a duplicate. Many people mistakenly make multiple copies of the same document for fear of making the wrong decision. You need to develop clear guidelines to determine what to keep and what to throw out.

Inspires Confidence & Gives a Good Impression

The office is a reflection of the business. A cluttered and untidy office sends out the wrong signals. First impressions are essential, and leave a lasting image on clients, visitors and prospective employees. A neat workplace increases employees’ morale and transforms the office into a cleaner, safer, healthier, happier work environment. It also makes you feel good when everything is sorted and straightened. Decluttering and getting rid of things you do not need or use frees up time, space and energy, which can and should be used on more important tasks. You will get more done in much less time once you take the plunge and clear up the mess!

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