Improving Employees’ Efficiency with Job Management and Time Tracking Software


Visibility increases profitability when you have critical information readily at hand. The efficiency of a business depends on it. The data will enable you to make the correct decisions. For instance, working with clients that create costs at the expense of clients that create profitable income is a common mistake small businesses make. With effective web based employee scheduling software, you can take control of tasks and check how long each one takes. More importantly, you will be able to get key insights into each project. It will indicate how long your employees spend with each client and on every job. That way you will really see how long it is taking to get a job completed.

Let’s have a look at a tangible example, shall we? Say you budget 25 hours to get a particular job done. You approach that deadline and the job is nowhere near ready. In contrast, another job has been budgeted at the same time, and has come in ready way before schedule. The latter job creates more profit and you should focus more on such jobs and clients. You can effectively monitor profitability by combining time-tracking and job management software. Comparing different jobs and the time it takes to complete them will give you invaluable data that will allow you to focus on more profitable projects and jobs, the ones that actually make you hard cash!


Employee scheduling software has many additional advantages. With all the correct and current data in hand, you can easily prepare quotations, estimates and  projections. Having all the real-time data readily available can make a huge difference, besides increasing efficiency. Most time-tracking software will be able to indicate clearly who your star employees are, and which ones are lagging behind. You can then structure training accordingly, and promote on merit. You need to know who is having the most positive impact on the running of your business. You can truly reward them according to merit. Good time tracking software will give you valuable insights that can result in improved efficiency and ultimately profitability.

Although there is no guarantee that employee scheduling software will improve the performance of your business, nevertheless, it automates typically tedious and boring business administration tasks that are normally performed by employees. Think of it, being able to create a work schedule that fits your employees needs perfectly, automatically. You can also Integrate the software with your existing ERP package and human resource management software systems. Additional features normally found may include the approval of employee requests for time off. You will be able to reduce inefficient over scheduling of employees. One of the most tangible benefits is that you will be able to link, coordinate and sync the interface with payroll and your management accounting software. You will be able to create detailed reports and statistics for the preparation of invoices and payroll. You can even integrate your mobile device and those of your employees with the software.


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