Update Release Notice

Timestead 1.5 Update Release – 12/12/2017

NOTE: Clear Cache

The new roll-out includes some updates on the front-end. We have introduced a mechanism that helps updating your Jobie instance with the new updates we’ve just introduced, however if you experience any difficulties please make sure to refresh your browser’s cache. Choose your browser below for detailed instructions:

Chrome Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Safari

New Features

Calendar updates

The calendar module was updated with some practical updates and improvements. Below is the list of updates within the calendar:

  • Confirmation popup on calendar event drag and drop to avoid mistakenly dragging and dropping an event
  • New list view on calendar for better viewing – click on List from the top right corner selection in the calendar view
  • Event history feature: each event carries a history button at the bottom to see the changes activity log
  • Warning system in case of an event with same date, same time and same employee

Events Colour Coding

The colour coding feature was enabled in Jobie so that an event type can be assigned to any event, and carries with it a specific colour for ease of view in the calendar.

One can configure specific event types from the settings by clicking on Event Types

Each event type would have a name, a colour and can also be assigned to a particular jobsheet type. This relation will help when a jobsheet is created out of an event, so a jobsheet type can be assigned automatically based on the event type.



New note property to client

A new field was introduced to the client records where an open field for notes can be used for any additional notes related to the client.

New ‘Add client’ button from new events and new jobsheets forms

When creating a new event and a new jobsheet, a small Add Client button was introduced near the client field, so that a new client can be created on the go. This shortcut will open a new client’s form to be filled up. Once filled and saved, the client form can be closed from the tab and you can then add the new client on the event or jobsheet as usual.

Multiple image attachment to jobsheet Update

The feature of uploading an image to a jobsheet was enhanced by providing the possibility of uploading more than one image for the same jobsheet. You can also remove any erroneously uploaded image by clicking the red cross button found on each uploaded image.

Possibility to edit tags in closed jobsheets

The tags field in jobsheets was updated in order to allow the user to add more, update or remove any tags to the jobsheet, irrelevantly if its a closed jobsheet or not. This was specifically designed to cater for scenarios were administrative post processing may be able to tag additional information where needed, even if a jobsheet was closed.


Other Improvements

  • Dashboard timezone bug fixed
  • Time picker in jobsheets ranges change to 0:00 – 23:45 to cater for an apparent issue.

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