Sandro German

Constant Power Solutions

As our job is dependent heavily on outdoor services and we are constantly on the go, we needed something to track our services and help us issue and record job sheets.  With our standard paper job sheets, the handwriting of my generator mechanic is illegible and sometimes with lube oil stains on the paper, also my service notes and handwriting mistakes on the paper job record used to be awful and I was shy to present the job sheet to my customer.

Hence, I had to find a Job record solution that applies for me and my workers, as well for the people at our accounts to understand and track our services.  I have tried several on line and mobile applications, which were a kind of fine when I used them on my own, but my technicians could not operate them, either because these apps did not work on their phone or because they used to complain that it was taking too much time to input the data on their mobile phones.

Then I tried Timestead, which is browser operated and helped all of our fleet records to be centralized on line, live and can be accessed by anyone with an account including my accountant from our office. It is also immediate which means that all job sheets can be accessed as soon as they have been signed by the customer. Timestead was of great help for us. It helped us centralize our billing and monitor our work and the jobs delivered to our customers.

The tool is simple to use fast and efficient. My mechanic now has no problem in presenting a job report to our customer on his Generator, and we can pay the mechanic and invoice our customer for services rendered. This is all possible because it works on both mobile and tablet without losing any feature in the process.

Our efficiency has increased substantially since we started using Timestead.  Thumbs up for this great product.


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