Patrick Busuttil

Lift Services

Lift Services opted to use the Timestead software to facilitate the works in progress and servicing of its operation. The system was selected after considering a number of other applications used for similar purposes. However, it was felt that the similarities in the client servicing aspect of the majority of existing Timestead customers and that of Lift Services were quite evident albeit the business was completely different.

The adaptations required to suit the need of our business were easily carried out and the introduction was carried out with similar ease. Although the system is continuously on the growth pattern, we are confident that given the service promise by Timestead, their application will continue to develop into a formidable tool for our company, its technical staff, and the uninterrupted operation of our service.

The Timestead application was instrumental in recovering a considerable number of un-invoiced jobs which would otherwise have lost the company in excess of €100,000 of lost revenue for the company. The Timestead job-sheet reporting system highlighted the variance and it was possible to identify a number of jobs which were completed but not invoiced over the period from when it Timestead was implemented as one of our core systems.


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