What is Time Tracking in Workday, and Why Time Tracking is important


Time Tracking in Workday is a touch of magic! At the very touch of a button, you can run detailed reports that will give you precise information on all the areas of strategic focus. They would include absence, individual and collective performance and the effective management of talent. It identifies trends instantly so you can act immediately. Managers and HR teams can make confident and informed decisions that will lead to the overall improvement of all areas of a business.

Easier Management of Human Resources

There are multiple valid reasons why Time Tracking software is essential to the successful running of a business. Human Resources and everyone in the company can track and approve employees time using any device, including a smartphone. Time and attendance software provides an accurate account in real time so everyone knows what everyone else is doing and how they can be contacted if necessary.

Advantages all Around

Everyone gets to benefit from the efficient use of time. Employees are empowered to set and approve time themselves. Detailed real-time info will make the managerial decisions smarter, and systematically alert management when urgent attention is needed. The main advantages include saving time and money, and it also allows you to streamline your operations and improve overall productivity. You can combine a standard Workday Time Tracking package with Workday Absence Management, Workday Human Capital Management, and Workday Payroll. That will help you cut out any unnecessary work. It reduces compliance risks by automating calculations and rules and avoids expensive and time-consuming integrations. Redundant processes are eliminated, and costly mistakes decreased.

Take Action

The precious insights Workday provides will include how long each of your employees take to complete a task, and ultimately how much it will end up costing you. You will also be able to identify the root causes of time and absenteeism trends clearly. Workday Absence Management will provide you with all the necessary tools to track and report any time-off requests, hour balances, and even accruals in one seamless system that works flawlessly in conjunction with Workday Time Tracking and Workday Payroll. Employees will be able to check and request their own time off using smart calendars via any device.

Consolidated Financial System & Growth Focus

Another reason you need Workday Time Tracking is that you can consolidate and bring together all your accounting, financial planning, reporting, and analytics under one virtual roof. You will get unparalleled insight and a foundation for financial control and budgeting. That ultimately leads to increased profitability. The clearer and more accurate picture of your business operations will enable you to focus on growth and expansion. You will be equipped with all the relevant and contextual financial insights accessible on any device.

Still not convinced? Contact our friendly team here, and we will provide you with a personalised and tailored solution that will solve all your problems.


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