8 Tips for Successful Selling: how to keep the Sales Up


Making a sale is a great feeling. The final notion of gratitude and perseverance that comes with an intense amount of work. Selling successfully takes practice, and there’s always areas to improve in, aspects to highlight and areas you need to structure a little further.

In order to sell successfully, you need to know the exact specifications of the service or product you are promoting or representing. Whether you are a specialist in the field or simply a sales rep looking to do right by your product, understanding the details will allow you to sell with accuracy and confidence.

But selling is not all about understanding the service or product it takes sales skills to convince some to buy something. These are a few tips on improving your tactics for successful selling.

Sell with consistency

This very much depends on your industry, but generally it’s far more rewarding to sell consistently rather than enjoy sporadic sales boosts in a certain season. Gaining repeat clients or scheduled sessions is what would keep your income constant and efficient.

Create incentives that will entice people to renew subscriptions or invest in your products.

Keep follow-ups as a priority

Keeping a relationship with your clients or customers is what will keep your brand alive and allow sales to come in. When people feel taken care of by a brand they increase their loyalty due to their personal connection with the service team or customer relationship team.

With social media as our main form of marketing, achieving a personable approach as your brand’s voice is relatively easily when working with professionals in the industry – keeping your customers engaged by answering their messages will serve as a great follow-up system in the modern age.

Do your customer research

What do your customers actually want from your brand? What do they need? There are so many aspects and perks that you can attach to your brand that will improve your customer’s dependency on your product or service.

What if all that was separating you from a new niche market was a more sustainable packaging choice? What if all your customers require for your brand before they convert is a good customer service representative? These little tricks will help you sell successfully with inside knowledge as your weapon.

Honour your confidence

Selling with confidence is probably the number one successful sales point! The confidence you bring to your sales pitch is what will allow your consumers to believe in the product.

Now since most of our sales are done online, we’re not talking about the excellence of door-to-door sales or showroom big ticket sales. Our sales voice is delivered directly through our online portals, be it social media copy, a captivating image, a good CTA and eventually the human exchange, if it even takes place.

The price is the price

The most uncomfortable part of the selling process, for sales people, is conveying a price over to a customer. It’s also not the greatest movement in the customer’s buying process either. So executing this part with confidence and conviction is key.

When done face-to-face, the best way to deliver news of a price tag, hold your body strong, stand tall, use powerful body language, a firm voice and make good eye contact. Once you’ve dropped the bomb, no matter how little or large it may be, stay quiet and let your customers contemplate.

Learn how to filter through the ‘buyers’

In your hours spent trying to make a sale, you will definitely experience the less serious buyers who will try to take up precious minutes of your working hours. While it’s important to connect with all your customers and be hopeful for a sale, you need to have a cut off point when it seems to be going nowhere.

Window shopping will only get you so far – there’s no amount of pushing or fancy sales slogans you can use to convince the ‘time wasters’ to convert. They only came for the show.

Take it with honour, sale or no sale

Yes, of course, the best part of working in sales is making a sale and celebrating your win, no matter how big or small. But celebrating the wins means acknowledging the losses, again, no matter how big or small they are.

More often than not, when we slip up in life, the most noble way to approach a situation is to either apologise for the problem, or apologise and fix it whenever possible. If a sale went sour, maybe you made a clerical error or pitched the wrong package to a client – bow your head and make sure the damage is not so permanent.

Be your own cheerleader

Being a good sales person is all about the number of sales you’ve achieved in the quarter, for example, but what’s your motivation? How do you keep that shark instinct alive? You motivate yourself with inner confidence, you push beyond your own boundaries and you take each setback as a lesson.

Sitting on your goals will get you nowhere. If you want to be successful at making sales in your industry, you need to make time, organise yourself and plan out your route and method with the pep and cheer of a young new sales person and the skill and expertise of an age-old representative.

Sales can be tough, one of the most competitive and cut throat industries you can find yourself in. In fact becoming a good sales person potentially has the worth to improve your social interactions with people, build your confidence in your personal life and promote a healthy communicative approach outside your professional doors.


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