10 Tips to Get Your Employees Motivated – Make it Your Goal

Sometimes the thrill of the office gets you right-on pumped in the morning, other days you’d rather be thrown into shark-infested water than have to face the ordeals of your work environment. But it’s all about your frame of mind.

happy employees

As an employee; the first thing you need to confirm is whether you’re happy in your job or not – if you are, then you’ll need to reframe your perspective; if you’re not happy then it might be best for both you and your employer if you look for a new job.

If you’re an employer, you’re given a grand responsibility of inspiring motivation in your workplace. There’s nothing worse than a negative vibe in an office; a lack of empathy or even a cold, unwelcoming nature of both layout and staff.

Here are 10 ways to keep your team motivated:

Congratulate good work

Whether it’s during your weekly or monthly staff meetings of by bulk email – let your top player know their work is appreciated. Acknowledging good work individually is always good; it’s much more heartfelt and effective for introverts but a public setting could inspire others to get their act together and aim for the stars – especially if work related incentives are set in place.

KPIs can help you kick some serious butt

Small, measurable goals known as Key Performance Indicators should be discussed and agreed upon with every individual working under your management. Daily targets or weekly goals could help your staff to stay on track. This boosts motivation and inspires a positive work ethic.

Celebrate whenever possible

When we say celebrate – we don’t mean a massive DJ-featuring party with all the fanciness you’d imagine. A couple of beers on a Friday could be just as celebratory – whether it’s in the office or at the local, there’s always a good excuse for a pint or two. Also, let your staff know why you’re celebrating… it puts things in perspective.

Positivity… always

Have you ever heard of the sandwich technique when breaking some bad news? Start off with a positive, slip in a little bit of needed criticism and sandwich it up with a slice of positivity to close the conversation. There’s always something good to say to employees you hope to retain – skim the surface; the obvious is usually right in front of you.

Feed them brain cells

Get your team some snacking material. Fruit, sweet and savoury snacks and a variety of options will keep everyone happy – but most importantly stock up on good coffee. There’s no excuse for lousy coffee or lack thereof entirely. Teas also make for a great selection – your health conscious folks will love you for it.

Encourage your staff to take breaks

A break is not a distraction; it’s quite the opposite – it opens your mind to your surroundings. Some companies go hours without having breaks; this is a major creativity and focus killer that simply reduces productivity and increases apathy.

Get a PlayStation installed in your board room; start a Fifa tournament, bust out some afternoon moves or sing along to the latest tracks with interactive games – why ever not? This stuff will also look great on your social media… so it’s pretty much a win-win.

Push the healthy lifestyle

Don’t push your staff to come into work if they’re feeling poorly; allow remote days; be flexible with sick-leave and learn how to trust your staff. The more rigid you are the more they’ll rebel and if you’re forcing people to come into work when they’re sick- you’ll eventually end up with an epidemic that knocks your entire body of staff out of the office. Bad idea captain.

Keep your team in the loop

You always feel like you belong if you know a little bit more about the company’s future plans; it gives you a sense of security. Whenever you’re kept in the dark – speculation creeps up on you. Some might prove their worth by working harder, others might want to dodge the bullet as fast as possible.

Also, whenever the team succeeds with future plans; team players, no matter how miniscule their role, feel like they’ve accomplished something.

Always be crystal clear

An employee-employer relationship is like any other serious relationship. Honesty is the best policy, your foundation should be built on trust and transparency. Being honest means that you need to step in to deal with the dirty work and not have others do it for you – that’s a massive faux pas that will lose trust and respect.

Give reasons for any alterations is an employees’ work life

Whether it’s a seating change or a role limitation, you need to let your staff know what’s going on and why. Hiding behind excuses or dodging troubling situations will never help your team grow. Motivation can sometimes come from ‘bad’ situations; but you have to let your team know why disciplinary actions take place.

There are so many incentives, methods and techniques that could stimulate your staff to work happier. Motivation is what makes us strive for something better – it’s the key tool in achieving success and should be adopted all types of companies.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got yourself an SME to manage or a full on factory-full of people; the techniques are the same and the benefits could be significant in either case. Remember that you reap what you sow – pump motivation and positivity into your body of staff and that’s exactly what you should expect back!


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